We are currently in Thessaloniki.  This is the first time in four days that there has been enough connectivity to create a blog post.  Facebook is working much better so be sure to check there for more frequent updates and photos.

Today we visited one of the monasteries in Meteora.  Those monasteries are perched high above the valley near Kalambaka on huge rock formations.  We also stopped in Berea, traveled on the modern Egnation Way and saw a portion of the ancient Egnation Way on which chariots traveled.
In the Footsteps of Paul
Today, we had our first opportunity to literally walk "in the footsteps of Paul."  We began the day driving by bus from Athens to Corinth.  After a brief stop at the Corinth Canal, which connects the Aegean Sea to the Ionian Sea, we continued on to the ancient city of Corinth.  On this hot, sunny day, we were very grateful for the one-hour bus ride, as we considered that Paul walked this route several times.  Our knowledgeable tour guide led us through the ruins, pointing out the bimah where Paul likely stood before Gallio (Acts 18:12-17) and the archaeological museum.

 We returned to Athens for a city tour after lunch at a Greek roadside cafe.  Most of the tour consisted of visiting the Athens acropolis and the Parthenon.  From there, we could see Mars Hill (Acts 17:22-31).  Following the Parthenon visit, some of the members of our group climbed Mars Hill.  The rest of us enjoyed Greek slurpies instead!

Welcome to Greece!
After a long travel overnight, we arrived safely at our hotel in Athens yesterday.  Our tired but eager travelers assembled for a brief time of worship, prayer and announcements before heading off to bed.
  Group photo (missing:  our photographer)
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